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PURE Zzzs Kidz Melatonin Gummies FAQ

A: Melatonin’s main job in the body is to regulate night and day cycles or sleep-wake cycles. Darkness causes the body to produce more melatonin, which signals the body to prepare for sleep. Light decreases melatonin production and signals the body to prepare for being awake. If your child is having trouble sleeping, she could have low levels of melatonin. Adding a melatonin supplement may help her have a restful night’s sleep. To learn more about melatonin, visit our melatonin guide here.

A: The + in PURE Zzzs Kidz Melatonin is the botanical blend. The sleep experts at ZzzQuil have added lavender and chamomile to the Kidz Melatonin formula. Learn more about ZzzQuil & aromatherapy.

A: The sleep experts recommend giving your child one to two gummies 30 minutes before bedtime, but always check with your child’s pediatrician before adding a supplement to your child’s bedtime routine.

A: No. Melatonin is non-habit-forming and drug-free, so you can feel safe giving your child a melatonin gummy as needed for occasional nighttime sleeplessness.

A: PURE Zzzs Kidz Melatonin Gummies are designed to work with your child’s body to help him fall asleep naturally and use the sleep hormone melatonin and is for ages 4+. ZzzQuil is an over-the-counter sleep-aid containing Diphenhydramine to help adults fall asleep fast, and should not be given to children under the age of 18.

A: There is 0.5 mg of Melatonin in each PURE Zzzs Kidz Gummy.

A: Yes, PURE Zzzs Kidz Melatonin Gummies do contain soy.

A: No. ZzzQuil gummies do not contain any wheat or gluten.

A: No. PURE Zzzs gummies do not contain gelatin.

A: You should store PURE Zzzs Kidz Melatonin Gummies in a dry, cool place.

A: PURE Zzzs Kidz Melatonin Gummies are manufactured in the USA.

A: PURE Zzzs Kidz Melatonin Gummies are regulated under the Federal Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. The FDA is authorized to investigate and monitor the safety of all ZzzQuil products. Learn more about PURE Zzzs Kidz Melatonin Gummy products and where to buy them, or read our sleep guide for parents.